Richardson Law Group understands the importance of diversity in the legal profession and is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in our own firm. To foster this culture, our commitment to diversity begins at the initial hiring stages and our firm prides itself in hiring individuals with various backgrounds, talents, and aspirations.

Each client has different needs and different expectations. In order to fulfill those needs and expectations, the members of Richardson Law Group must think analytically and innovatively. Richardson Law Group prides itself in not only meeting those expectations, but greatly exceeding those expectations. Our winning results would not be possible without the different experiences and viewpoints each member brings to the table. The diversity that each member provides is what makes our mission a reality.

Upon joining Richardson Law Group, our team members are encouraged to seek opportunities for educating and promoting diversity.  Recently, we attended the DRI Diversity Summit (2016) and the Kentucky Bar Association Diversity Summit (2017), and we are now eagerly awaiting any future opportunities.